YizHeng Oil Pipeline Management Applications

Simulator Scope

yizheng_image2The simulator scope of supply comprises the entire mainline and drawoff pipework. It includes 7 major pumping stations that have 47 pumps and 23 burners installed the intermediate valves and the supply and delivery sites. This complex simulator includes all equipment, the control scheme, the tanks, and the surges suppression equipment. It also simulates the burner operation and calculates the complete temperature distribution.

yizheng_image3The simulator provides a complete picture of the flow, pressure, temperature and equipment operation. This information assists the operator in controlling stable pipeline operation. The results are made available to the leak detection and pipeline integrity functions. The leak detection application provides high sensitivity and accurate leak sizing / leak location data. Offline, applications include a flight simulator style training system for 3 simultaneous users.

A comprehensive training course and training environment is provided as part of the supply. The trainee interacts with the training simulator as though operating the SCADA system. What-if and detailed surge analysis can be undertaken that start from real time conditions and the system can optimise the pump set and burner operations. The integrated system resides on 1 real time server and 6 workstations supported by a message broker.



System YizHeng – Changling
Location China
Scope Pipeline Management
Client Sinopec
Installation Date 2007
Length 750km + 4 drawoff lines
Fluid Variable Crude Oils