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Hydraulic Analysis Limited is a worldwide leader in the analysis of pipeline hydraulic behaviour, combining extensive surge analysis and dynamic simulation capabilities with over forty years of engineering consultancy, offering clients an unprecedented level of service in the oil, gas and petrochemical sector.

Hydraulic Analysis has a large range of capabilities well suited to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries encompassing feasibility studies, conceptual hydraulic design, FEED, EPC and turnkey projects. Our knowledge has been applied to systems of all complexities over a wide variety of operating scenarios and pipeline fluids enabling us to provide surge awareness and operator training courses for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.
Systems analysed range from long distance and multi product pipelines, tanker loading / unloading systems to heat exchanger tube rupture investigations.

Hydraulic Analysis has extensive knowledge of firewater, seawater, water injection and cooling / heating medium systems along with the associated issues that can potentially arise, particularly stable and controlled priming of fully drained / partially drained pipework such as risers and deluge systems.

Whether systems are platform, refinery or power station based, delivering oil, gas or LNG, Hydraulic Analysis has the experience to accurately model steady states and transient events relating to specific operating regimes and future requirements.

Should surge suppression / alleviation measures be required, then they must be cost effective, practical and compatible with system operating philosophies and regimes, which is a fundamental issue that Hydraulic Analysis Limited addresses with every project we undertake.

Whilst most investigations can be undertaken as theoretical desk studies, another aspect of Hydraulic Analysis Ltd’s capabilities is the on site, offshore, pressure / flow testing as well as troubleshooting expertise. Site visits by our experienced engineers and dedicated site testing team can be used to determine steady state and transient operating conditions in conjunction with observing a system’s operation and identifying existing or potential problems. This is particularly beneficial to clients with regard to commissioning of systems and for mathematical model validation and verification.

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Simulation Software Ltd is a dedicated part of the Hydraulic Analysis Group that supplies high performance pipeline simulators and associated pipeline management applications.

Varisim is based on principles developed and tested over several decades and has been used extensively on oil, gas and petrochemical pipelines for flow assurance and surge analysis, monitoring functions, training simulation, leak detection, optimisation and pipeline management applications.