SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators) is a non profit making company, formed to promote high operating standards and best practices in gas tankers and terminals throughout the world. It provides technical advice and support to its members and represents their collective interests in technical and operational matters.

Hydraulic Analysis Ltd first became involved with SIGTTO in the 1970’s with a representative on a technical committee created by SIGTTO to design and recommend an industry wide intrinsically safe ship-shore ESD link. This link is now widely used protecting ships and terminals throughout the world to protect pipework and loading arms in the event of a system shutdown. While undertaking this project SIGTTO became aware of the lack of appreciation among both tanker and terminal operators of potential disastrous surge problems in ship loading and off-loading systems. SIGTTO and Hydraulic Analysis Limited then cooperated in preparing a 34-page design document (Guidelines for the Alleviation of Excessive Surge Pressures on ESD) detailing the root cause of surge pressures and methods of estimation and reduction, a document that still has pertinent relevance across the industry.

A number of key personnel in Hydraulic Analysis Limited hold SIGTTO approved qualifications to operate LNG Tankers and LNG Tanker Cargo Equipment. In our experience, incidents during loading or off loading are often caused by a lack of knowledge and understanding of the different requirements and actions of onshore and offshore operators. There is a clear shortfall in knowledge throughout the industry in understanding the different approaches taken by onshore and offshore operators and we have taken measures to bridge that gap in order to ensure all considerations are addressed when designing LNG loading or unloading facilities. We are fully aware of the practicalities involved in operating LNG carriers and we have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the design and operation of LNG tankers. We have experience with the practicalities of alarm settings, trip settings and relief mechanisms. Copies of the SIGTTO approved certificates are available on request.