Water Network District Metered Area (DMA) Real-Time Simulator

Understanding how DMA’s operate, what is happening on every street and why leaks and bursts occur with more regularity in certain areas will form a key part in lowering pipeline leakage. The Hydraulic Analysis Group have been working with a number of UK water companies by building groundbreaking real-time pipeline simulators of water networks and DMA’s to continually monitor their operation. The GIS based simulators are viewable through a web browser and have allowed to us to reduce damaging pressure transients in DMA’s through very minor modifications.

Our simulators can be used on any size of system with single or mixed pipe materials and show the pressures and flows at every location, even where instrumentation is not available. We can provide a calibrated real-time simulator of a DMA with just an input flow and between 2 to 8 standard GPRS pressure loggers (depending upon the DMA size ). Our simulators run continuously and alert water companies to changes in operation and show when and where new leaks and bursts form, although our main driver is to reduce leakage by preventing new leaks from forming. We provide an unique combination of a highly accurate pipeline simulator and 50 years of consulting experience.

DMA Transient Simulator Case Study

DMA Blind Leak Test Case Study