Wastewater Pipeline Condition Monitor

We understand the importance of accurate data and the ability to quantify the performance of existing assets to identify problems i.e. regular pollution events, blockages, poor performance and to recommend solutions.

Utilising our extensive expert knowledge in pipeline analysis, HAL have specifically developed an effective long term solution (Wastewater Pipeline Condition Monitoring), tailored to identify the root cause of operational problems with pumps and pipelines and to provide our clients with real, valuable data on which key decisions can be made.

Many wastewater pumping stations and pipeline site tests yield the same findings due to air locking because of inadequate air release facilities on the pipeline and can typically result in the following issues:

  • A steady state cannot be achieved during a normal pumping cycle
  • True pipeline conditions cannot be determined
  • The pressure at the pumping station rises continuously and gradually when the pumps are operational
  • Artificially high heads are created by trapped air in a rising main
  • Sedimentation occurring due to low velocities
  • If centrifugal pumps are installed, the design flowrates are never achieved due to the air pockets blocking the pipeline
  • If positive displacement type pumps are installed then the design flowrates could be achieved, however the pipeline operating pressures can rise above design levels

Unlike other condition monitors in the wastewater sector which mainly focus on pumps, this product is specially designed to monitor pipeline performance in addition to the pumps. It has been developed to identify the root cause of operational problems as it is common for pump instabilities to be caused by pipeline degradation and/or air locking. It is therefore the pipeline that is the cause of the problems and pump condition monitoring does not always address this key issue.


  • Specifically developed for pipeline monitoring in the wastewater industry
  • Visibility of a spill event (avoiding possible escalation to pollution event)
  • Alert notification via SMS or E-mail if the pressures fall outside of the expected operating envelope
  • Able to be fitted to both pre-existing sites and new assets
  • Energy costs associated with operation of centrifugal pumps can be reduced by up to 20%
  • Energy costs associated with operation of positive displacement pumps can be reduced by up to 50%

Experienced HAL personnel continually review data and advise operations if the low-pressure alarm indicates a pipeline failure, minimising the number of unnecessary call outs. Support is available from HAL regarding possible remedial measures to return the system to an as-installed state. Alarm sensitivities are calibrated on site to ensure that transient events due to pump operations do not generate false alarms.

For more information, please contact us or download our Wastewater Pipeline Condition Monitor Brochure.