Site Services

Computer based rapid data acquisition software allows experienced engineers to interpret the effects of unsteady flow in pipelines, enabling immediate diagnosis of problems within a system. Pressure and flow instrumentation is installed at multiple locations on the system and the recorded output provides sufficient system understanding to immediately identify operational issues. In existing schemes, this can include flow restrictions, failure of equipment (such as pumps / air valves) or excessive surge pressures due to pump / valve operations. We can identify any bottlenecks in existing facilities and can determine the current performance levels of existing pumps and pipelines (internal roughness coefficients).

The service is also useful for verifying solutions and recommendations based on mathematic model predictions and proving system operation for both existing and new schemes. Temporary operating conditions during emergency/maintenance periods can also be verified. We can install under pressure tappings on water and wastewater systems.

When the data is used in conjunction with our in-house simulation model, a wealth of additional information about a system’s performance can be produced to identify the cause of operational problems in the real system. The site data and model often compliment each other to ensure we gain a detailed understanding of the system behaviour.