Water Supply Network Real-Time Simulator

By far the most effective and proven solution to process big data is to combine expert transient hydraulic experience with transient modelling software to maximise the data usage, filter the data, accurately analyse the pipeline / network performance, validate the data and calm the system. As the world leader in surge analysis, Hydraulic Analysis Limited have extensive experience in modelling pipeline systems and understanding the cause of pressure transients (surge pressures). We are experts at analysing transient data and support Water Companies with understanding the performance of their pipeline assets and calming pipeline networks.

Our pipeline simulators of water networks track the source and cause of pressure transients. The simulator uses data from multiple sources before being filtered and manipulated into a useable format. This includes using ‘dark data’ which would not normally be utilised meaningfully or analysed in hydraulic simulators, and we can advise on the most suitable locations to install any additional pressure loggers if required.

Only by combining specialist engineering support with a proven transient hydraulic simulator can the true value of transient pressure data be realised. Once undertaken, this approach can provide further benefit by converting the simulator into real time through a permanent connection to the measured data. This creates a digital twin that provides up to date information on the status of the pipeline or network which can be hosted remotely or locally. The data collecting infrastructure, expertise and software available can be combined to move from operating in a reactionary manner to system performance to Water companies truly taking control of their assets.

We have built real-time simulators for DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority), Thames Water, DCWW (Dwr Cymru Welsh Water) and SWCC (Saline Water Conversion Corporation) in Saudi Arabia.