FEED Stage Projects

Waterhammer causes more problems than is usually realised but it is often possible to easily design out any problems at an early (FEED) stage of a project to avoid costly modifications at the detailed design phase (EPC). Surge pressures are often highest following system start-up and shutdown but normal operation can also cause problems:

  • Unacceptable high and low pressures.
  • Severe pipe loads.
  • Unwanted trips and shutdowns.
  • Pipe movement and vibration.
  • Bursting disc rupture.
  • Equipment damage.

A study of a system at FEED stage will show if problems exist and our engineers will propose the most effective solution technique, from a wide range of options including:

  • Surge relief valves.
  • Slow valve closure.
  • Pump Surgerips.
  • HIPPS and OPPS.
  • Accumulators.
  • Bursting Discs.

Surge pressures are generated and transmitted extremely quickly and hence need to be simulated by specialist techniques. Many dynamic simulators don’t use these techniques and so are not suitable. Our programs are specifically designed for surge and so they show exceptional accuracy (typically within 1-2%).