Varisim Software Validation

An example of a project which demonstrated the differences between variable wavespeed modeling and fixed wavespeed modeling (which is often used on other commercially available software packages) is available upon reqest.

It can be seen from the document that variation in the fluid properties, especially the free gas content, can have a significant impact on the results. The continual variation of the free gas content (by volume) as the pressures throughout the pipeline change is one of the contributing factors to the pipeline wavespeed constantly varying.

This case study demonstrates the importance of variable wavespeed modeling which is the only method to guarantee the high accuracy levels required by our clients. The case study clearly shows the accuracy levels which are regularly obtained in our hydraulic studies.

Varisim is the innovative and intuitive software that allows you to simulate and manage every component of a pipeline system with complete accuracy.

Varisim provides an unprecidented level of control for liquid and gas systems, small plant pipework as well as long transmission lines including variable flow regimes, telemetry effects, pipeline equipment and control logic.

Varisim Offers comprehensive applications for:-