Water Distribution Networks

Hydraulic Analysis have undertaken hundreds of steady and unsteady flow studies of potable water distribution networks for the majority of the UK water companies. We have working models of most London Water Pressure Zones. The systems are mainly pumped distribution networks and our software enables us to accurately model and optimise any flow / pressure control systems.

The mathematical model is usually assembled from a third party steady flow model of the network e.g. EPANet or InfoWorks. Once the mathematical model is completed, a detailed steady flow analysis is undertaken to compare the validity of the model against the equivalent steady flow package.

Transient investigations of pump and valve operations are undertaken to determine the severity of the maximum and minimum surge pressures which will be generated. Remedial simulations can then be undertaken to calibrate any surge suppression equipment if required. The surge suppression equipment will be calibrated to keep the maximum surge pressures within the rating of the system and/or prevent the minimum surge pressures from falling below atmospheric (sub-atmospheric pressures can result in contamination of the water supply due to ground water being drawn in to the system).

Finally, additional simulations are undertaken to improve the hydraulic performance of the system by optimising valve controller and stroke settings and to recommend secure pump start / stop sequences.