Priming / Draining Pipework

One of the key strengths of our software, when compared to other commercially available packages, is the ability to model the draining and filling of pipework.

This not only allows us to accurately calculate the surge pressures generated when a liquid interface reaches air valves or dump valves but we can also calculate the length of time taken for the system to empty or fill.

We account for the change in cross sectional area of a pipe when the pipe gradients alter and we also account for air compression and evacuation. We can assist in correctly sizing the air valve and/or dump valve or find other means of preventing unacceptable conditions.

The priming / draining function of the model is used on a wide cross section of projects, including sewage rising mains with drained sections, borehole risers and also firewater / seawater systems where the pump risers normally drain when the pumps are not operating.