Pipeline Hydraulic, Digital Twins, Surge Analysis and On-Site Diagnostic Experts

With over 50 years of experience and over 10,000 pipeline studies completed in over 50 countries, we are the leading global experts for the provision of pipeline Digital Twins, tailored hydraulic real-time leak detection modelling solutions, surge analysis studies and specialised on-site diagnostics.

Trusted by the world’s major water, energy, oil, gas and petrochemical companies, we are driven by our purpose to collect, analyse and provide meaningful factual data of our client’s valued pipeline assets, to ensure that critical decisions can be made with confidence.

As an independent consultancy, we are able to offer our clients unbiased advice on all aspects of pipeline hydraulic design, pressure transients and equipment selection.

Using VariSim, developed within the group by Simulation Software Limited, we model and optimise pipelines and pipe networks at the design stage and we also investigate operating problems and proposed changes in operating philosophy on existing systems to verify pipeline and control system design.

Advantages of our software when compared to other commercially available products is the use of a continually varying pipeline wave speed together with the ability to model complex control systems. When combined with our ability to model accurate temperature variations along the system, this results in truly accurate computer simulation of pipelines.

We have an extensive portfolio of validation cases to demonstrate the proven accuracy of our software, including many operational real-time liquid and gas systems. Our software typically shows just a 1% or 2% difference between recorded values on site.

World Class Digital Technology

Simulation Software Limited (SSL) supplies high performance software-based pipeline solutions to the water, oil, gas, district heating and power industries.

VariSim simulates the transient hydraulic behaviour of pipelines within the oil, gas, water, heat and power industries.

VariSim has been developed over a 50 year period and is used worldwide. It is integral to all our solutions and with its plug-in applications, it provides the ultimate support for the Engineering, Operational and Training environments that are integral components to the businesses of all pipeline owners. As a desktop product it supports the design, planning and analysis of hydraulic and control system behaviour for safety, efficiency and damage avoidance.

VariSim’s real power is opened up through its ability to operate in a real time and a desktop environment. It can provide a pipeline operator with unprecedented tools that can substantially improve safety, operational flexibility and profitability all whilst ensuring compliance with environmental requirements. Click on the image to learn more.

SMART Leakage Platform
Press Release

We are thrilled with the latest results from our SMART Leakage Platform which is operational in the UK, Middle East and SE Asia.

It all started with the hydraulic model automatically comparing the expected (zero leakage) pressures against the measured pressures in a Yorkshire Water DMA, and identifying an area of lower than expected pressure which equated to 12 l/s of leakage. Any leak find is rewarding but this leak was massive and would fill a 25 metre long swimming pool every day! By repairing this leak, we have reduced raw water abstraction, chemical usage in treating the water, energy costs in transporting the water, carbon emissions and more importantly the pressure in adjacent DMA’s feeding this DMA. When the leaks were fixed, pressures in the area increased by over 6 metres which meant that Yorkshire Water are able to lower PRV set points in adjacent DMA’s which will in turn reduce leakage in the entire area.

This is an amazing outcome, and we cannot recall many announcements of a long running 1 Ml/d leak being found and fixed in a single DMA! Our SMART Leakage Platform (driven by the powerful VariSim™ transient engine) includes a live transient hydraulic model which ingests GIS, flow, pressure, Netbase, acoustic and pressure transient data to find pre-existing and new leaks in DMA’s across Yorkshire. Read more here…

Smart Networks

Partners and Collaborations

Hydraulic Analysis Group and Rogue7 Inc. are delighted to announce the signing of a partnership to deliver state of the art pipeline management systems to the water, oil & gas industries.

We are thrilled to launch a real-time hydraulic simulator, VariSim™, provided by Hydraulic Analysis Group Limited, combined with a Machine Learning (ML) based optimiser, Water Intuition™, provided by Rogue7.

The simulator engine can handle large volumes of data to show the true operation of the network, so operators have full confidence in the output of the Network Energy Optimisation System. By using Machine Learning, the simulator will show the forecasted operation of the network with the optimisation and operational schedule implemented. For more information of the potential benefits, please download here.

The partnership will allow us to work together to implement advanced real-time pipeline applications using the very latest machine learning tools. This unique combination will equip control centres and data factories with accurate, reliable & self-learning digital twins.

We will extend our offering to support our many clients in delivering their challenging energy commitments whilst also ensuring security of supply to customers.

“Our vision is to be the leading provider of Machine Learning solutions to the Oil & Gas and Water industry globally, by making the industry more productive, efficient, and sustainable” says Doug Fisher, President of Rogue7.

“We join hands with Rogue7 to lead the digital transformation of pipeline control rooms. Our experience in transient simulation is second to none and we are committed to complement our product with ML technology” says Andrew Keech, Managing Director of Hydraulic Analysis Group.

The Hydraulic Analysis Group is the acknowledged worldwide leading engineering company for undertaking pipeline hydraulic modelling and providing real-time pipeline management systems through the VariSim™ software suite.

Rogue7 Inc. is a machine learning focused company that provides enhanced decision making products to industrial automation. For more information please visit www.rogue7.com.