Pressure Transient Support and CALM Networks

The high volumes of data currently being gathered on water pipelines and networks through loggers can provide valuable insights into the cause of operational issues and poor system performance. Of particular relevance is the transient pressure data that is now being gathered through either permanent high frequency pressure loggers (e.g. Syrinix, Inflowmatix and Viscenti) or GPRS transient burst loggers (e.g. Technolog, GCRTech and HWM). The next challenge faced by Water Companies is how to best utilise this data to identify trouble spots in networks with the aim to eliminate, or minimise, pressure transients and attain a ‘calm’ system.

We are helping a number of water companies to analyse and understand the source and cause of pressure transients in their pipeline systems so they can be eliminated or minimised. This can involve using our engineering experience to review pressure logger data or driving the data through our transient pipeline simulators in offline or real-time mode. As a world leader in pressure transients and surge analysis, with over 10,000 projects completed, we are ideally placed to support our clients in improving the operation and performance of water pipelines and networks. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can help and support you in calming your networks.

Pressure Transient Support Case Study