Troubleshooting / Commissioning

Hydraulic Analysis Ltd senior engineers are often invited to sites around the world, both on and offshore, by clients to investigate systems which have a history of operational issues or where pipeline failures have occured.

Our wealth of experience built up from undertaking over 6000 projects over the last 40 years enables our engineers to identify possible causes and recommend remedial measures which can then be validated through mathematical modelling.

In addition to site troubleshooting, we provide commissioning support to minimise handover delays and to ensure the system performs and behaves as designed.

Some of our more recent commissioning work has been on four cooling water systems at nuclear power stations. The commissioning was completed with minimal delays and the sites were declared fit for nuclear service.
Prior to our attendance on site for commissioning, detailed mathematical modelling of the system is normally undertaken to establish limiting values for peak pressures at key strategic locations for various operational scenarios and an order of testing is formulated (starting with the least severe event).

High speed calibrated pressure sensors are installed at key locations and pressures recorded at high frequency. Non intrusive ultrasonic flowmeters are also installed to establish, with confidence, the steady state flow conditions within the system.

Pre determined operational scenarios are run and, following each test, a full set of graphical time based plots of pressure and flowrate is issued for acceptance before moving on to the next more onerous case.