Free Surface (Open Channel) Flow

Cost effective design, verification and optimisation of open channel systems.

  • WwTW / STW Hydraulic profile calculations through the entire treatment process for both normal and maintenance operations.
  • Distribution and overflow weir design.
  • Flow measurement structures.
  • Preliminary process plant verification.
  • Active and passive hydraulic control.
  • Channel design and pipe selection.
  • RAS, SAS and TAS systems.
  • Ancillary process pump selection and hydraulic design.
  • Water / fuel separation systems.
  • Undulating sewage pumping mains with drained sections.
  • System de-bottlenecking.
  • Flow improvement design.
  • Pumping station sump and intake design.
  • Mine concentrate distribution systems.
  • Integration of new process equipment into existing treatment facilities.
  • Water feature and cascade design.
  • Site troubleshooting of existing problems.