Conceptual Hydraulic Design

The simulation techniques used by HAL are capable of being used as a design tool rather than being limited to demonstrating surge effects. In this respect HAL can offer advice in designing the hydraulic system to be more suited to its purpose, to improve its safety and to cost less money. For example, our design advice has been used in the past to address the following issues:

  • Determine the maximum flow capacity of a system.
  • Advise on pipeline routing and elevation profile.
  • Optimise the pipework bore by calculating the pumping costs vs. pipeline diameter for typical pipe materials.
  • Estimate the changes in piping roughness caused by wax deposition and determine the optimum pigging frequency to maximise production throughput.
  • Verify the proposed operating procedures will work in practice.
  • Specify surge suppression equipment to ensure the safe operation of the system.

If high surge pressures occur in a system then it is often necessary to install surge suppression equipment or make design modifications to reduce the surge pressures. Previous work by HAL has enabled thinner piping to be used and so provided savings of up to 20 percent over traditional design methods. Since the company was formed in 1969, we have recommended design modifications which have resulted in substantial CapEx savings.