Subiya Water Management Applications

Simulator Scope

subiya-image2The scope of supply includes for a fully configured simulator that models the desalinated and brackish water supplies in both offline and online mode. This includes the complete pipeline and the reservoir storage capability. The model consists of over 600km of pipework with over 200 valves, 20 reservoirs, 20 pumps, 4 surge vessels and the control scheme.

System Benefits

subiya-image3The engineering simulator can be used for undertaking detailed studies on the network include steady state calculations, detailed surge studies and water distribution prediction. The surge studies can fully consider the complete interactive behaviour between the equipment, the pipelines and the control schemes.

The water management applications use information determined by the simulator in online mode (i.e. when connected to the instruments installed along the pipe length). These applications continually totalise the water within the network and the storage facilities. The water distribution and the storage capability is then estimated and managed up to 30 days in advance based on a range of different supply and demand profiles. Automated survival time calculations provide the operator with advanced warning of future critical conditions (such as low pressure or tank emptying) and the expected time at which these critical conditions will occur.

System Subiya
Location Kuwait
Scope Water Management
Client Ministry of Energy
Installation Date 2009
Pipe Length 600km +
Fluid Desalinated and Brackish Water