Caofeidian to TianJin Oil Pipeline Management Applications

Simulator Scope

caofeidian-image2The simulator scope of supply includes for the entire 195 km of pipeline including one intermediate pumping station. This complex simulator includes all equipment, the control scheme, the tanks, and the surge suppression equipment. In real time, the simulator provides a complete picture of the flow, pressure and temperature to assist the operator in controlling stable pipeline operation.

caofeidian-image3The Caofeidian to TianJin pipeline management system provides optimisation and safety of operation functionality. The system makes use of the advanced VariSim optimiser processes in parallel with its powerful surge analysis capability and efficiency monitoring modules. A comprehensive training course and training environment is provided as part of the supply. A classroom style

A classroom style environment located in XuZhou provides SCADA system training for up to 15 trainees simultaneously.


System Caofeidian – TianJin
Location China
Scope Pipeline Management
Client Sinopec
Installation Date 2009
Length 195+km
Fluid Variable Crude Oils