BTC Leak Detection and Training Simulator

Simulator Scope

btc_image2The simulator scope of supply includes for the entire 1760 km of pipeline that includes 9 intermediate pumping stations, over 90 intermediate valves and the supply and delivery sites. This complex simulator includes all equipment, the control scheme, the tanks, and the surge suppression equipment. It also simulates the formation of slack line flow regimes.

System Benefits

The simulator provides a complete picture of the flow, pressure, temperature and the gas breakout volumes that develop with slack line flow operation. This information assists the operator in controlling stable pipeline operation. The results are made available to the leak detection and pipeline integrity functions. Leak detection is conducted independently on each pipeline section to provide high sensitivity capability and accurate leak sizing / leak location data. In offline mode, the simulator supports a flight simulator style-training environment. The operator being trained interacts with the training simulator as though operating the SCADA system. Not only do the trainees become fully familiar with the pipelines normal behaviour, they also become familiar with abnormal / hazardous operations without being exposed to the actual pipeline.


System Baku – Tibilisi – Ceyhan
Location Azerbaijan
Scope Oil Pipeline Management
& Leak Detection
Client BTC
Installation Date Trainer System – 2005
Leak Detection – 2006
Length 1760km
Fluid Crude Oil – Slack Line