Al-Sharqiya Water Supply Project Dynamic Study of 19 Potable Water Systems

Study Scope

This project involved the design and analysis of a number of different potable water pipelines in Oman. Each system was studied independently, with the majority of pipelines comprising pumped systems plus a number of gravity fed systems.

Simulators of all 19 systems were built and a detailed steady flow and transient analysis was undertaken on each system for a wide range of potential operating conditions. This included studying the ability to reverse flow down certain pipelines or bypassing some pumping systems and hence hydraulically connecting different systems. This required the careful selection and calibration of the pipeline bypass and isolation valves.

The award of this contract highlighted our ability to study and deliver large multi pipeline systems within project deadlines. There were a total of 10 engineers assigned to this project. Our project managers are highly experienced flow assurance engineers and ensure the optimum solutions to any unsteady flow problems are proposed. It may be that one form of surge suppression is ideal for a certain system but it may not be suitable in all cases. It is our experience in understanding the transient response of systems that allows us to deliver the optimum solution to any hydraulic problems or instabilities which may occur in a system.


System 19 Potable Water Lines
Location Oman
Scope Hydraulic Study
Client Mazoun Est
Study Date 2006
Length 8 km to 48 km
Fluid Potable Water
Diameters 250mm to 900mm Mains