Firewater Systems Selected Client / Project List

If you would like to receive a copy of our complete Firewater Systems project list or the full Water Industry or Oil & Gas Industry client list to show HAL’s capabilities in this field, then please contact us and we will email you a copy.

Client Project
ABB Lummus Global Al Shaheen Firewater & Seawater Systems
Harald West Firewater System
Aker Oil & Gas Technology UK Banff Field Development Firewater System
Berge Hugin FPSD Firewater System
AMEC Engineering Shell Nelson Development Project Firewater Systems
Dunbar Firewater Distribution System
AMEC Process & Energy BP Marine Vapour Recovery Project Firewater Ring Main
BP MVRP Tank Farm Firewater Ring Main
Amerada Hess Scott Field Development Firewater Ringmain
Ameron MMHE / Kinabalu Project – Firewater Systems
Ameron / Petronas Tangga Barat Cluster Development Project – Firewater System
Ameron BV FPD Europe Shell Houdini Firewater System
Deluge System PS-3B & PS-3C
Amoco (UK) Exploration Company CATS North Everest / Lomond Firewater Ringmain
Azerbaijan International Operating Company AIOC West Azeri Platform Systems
AIOC Central Azeri DQ Platform Firewater System
Azeri – Firewater
ACG Project DUQ & PCWU Firewater Systems
BP Oil Grangemouth Refinery Grangemouth Fire Water Pressure Testing
Finnart Fire Protection
Kinneil Fire & Blast Protection Project
Britoil BP Miller Development
Brookes Bell & Co Casper Trader
Brown & Root Liverpool Bay Firewater System Surge Analysis
Brown & Root International Malampaya Firewater System
Shell Malampaya – Firewater Surge Analysis
Brown & Root Vickers Kinneil Terminal Firefighting System
CAPCIS-UMIST Fire Foam Pipework – LNG Terminal Zeebrugge
Chiyoda – Foster Wheeler Oman LNG Project
Conoco (UK) Viking B Firewater System
Viking B Firewater System Upgrade
CMS 2 Offshore Compression Project
ConocoPhillips (91-12) Pty Bayu-Undan Platform Systems
Doris Engineering Hibernia Platform Utility Riser Systems
Earl & Wright North Morecambe Development Project Firewater System
Exxon Chemical Olefins Mosmorran Firewater System – Braefoot Bay Jetty
FluorAMEC Joint Venture Enfield Area Development Project FPSO – Firewater
Foster Wheeler Sullom Voe Terminal Fire Water
Foster Wheeler Energy Shell Haven Refinery Project
Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd / Shell Shell Haven Kerosene / Firewater Additional Work
Shell Haven Firewater System – Additional Work
Foster Wheeler Wood Group Magnus Firewater Pump Upgrade
High-Point Rendel Shuaiba Oil Pier Firewater Pipeline
Kellogg Brown & Root BP Angola Block 18 Firewater System
Keppel Shipyard Alvheim FPSO Firewater Surge Analysis
KJT – Engenharia, Materiais e Serviços Segas Egypt LNG Project Fire Protection
Kvaerner H & G Offshore Galleon Spots Expansion Development Firewater
Lindsey Oil Refinery Firewater Pumps
M W Kellogg Qatar Shell GTL Feed Project – Firewater Systems
Marathon Oil UK East Brae Development – Seawater / Firewater
Matthew Hall Engineering Texaco Tartan Upgrading of Fire Pumps
Mustang Engineering LP Firewater System – Detailed Design Study
Valhall Re-Development Project
Mustang International LP Valhall Firewater System
Phillips Petroleum Pty Bayu-Undan Firewater System
Bayu-Undan FPSO Firewater System
Pipex GC-9 Messla Field Firewater System
Gbaran Ubie Firewater System
Rainford Group Anechoic Chamber Firewater System
Ralph M Parsons Company BGP Onshore Plant St Fergus Firewater Ringmain
Sable Offshore Energy Project Thebaud Firewater System
Venture Firewater System
Shell UK Exploration & Production Fulmar A Fire Fighting System
Sean Field Firewater System
Barque Platform Firewater System
Fife NGL Plant Firewater System
Societe Foster Wheeler Zirku Island Fire Water System
Systems Integration & Automation Teeside Gas Port Deluge System
Texaco North Sea UK Company Tartan A Platform Firewater System
Captain Firewater System
Tyco Engineering Services BP Clair Platform Firewater System
Ultramar Exploration Markham Platform Firewater System
Vipac Engineers & Scientists Nam Con Son Gas Project Seawater / Firewater System
Nam Con Son Onshore Firewater System
William Press & Sons Grangemouth Fire Fighting Scheme
Wood Group Engineering Nelson Firewater System
Captain Firewater Pumps Minimum Flow Facility
Nelson Helideck Firewater Platform
Woodside / EOS Joint Venture NR2 Firewater System – Final Design Study
NR2 Firewater System – Revisit Helideck Response Study
Woodside / Transfield Worley / EOS Joint Venture NR2 Firewater System – Detailed Deluge Design Study on NRA
Woodside Energy North Rankin Redevelopment – Firewater System
Woodside Energy Ltd (Australia) Firewater System – NR2 Development (Detailed Design)
Firewater System – NR2 Development
Firewater System – NR2 Development (Inclusion of Old NRA Ringmain)
Firewater System – NR2 Development Heli-Deck Monitor Operation
NR2 Firewater System – Remedial Design Study
Wormald Fire Systems BP Grangemouth LPG Storage Fire Main
Aweer Insulator Washing System
Wormald International Jeddah – Oil Storage Depot Fire System