Seawater / Cooling/Heating Water / Ballast Water Systems Selected Client /Project List

If you would like to receive a copy of our complete Seawater/Cooling Water/Ballast Water Systems project list or the full Water Industry or Oil & Gas Industry client list to show HAL’s capabilities in this field, then please contact us¬†and we will email you a copy.

Client Project
ABB Lummus Global Al Shaheen Firewater & Seawater Systems
Alstom Power Grain LNG Heating System
Ameron MMHE / Kinabalu Project – Seawater Systems
Ameron BV FPD Europe AIOC Central Azeri DQ Platform Seawater System
Central Azeri DQ Platform Cooling Medium System
Azerbaijan International Operating Company ACG Project DUQ & PCWU Seawater Systems
AIOC East & West Azeri Platform Systems – Seawater
AIOC Project – Cooling Medium System on PCW
AIOC West Azeri Platform Systems
Azeri – Cooling Medium
Azeri – Seawater
BP Exploration ETAP Cooling Medium System
Lomond Platform Heating Medium System
BP Petroleum Development Forties Bravo Seawater Injection Pressure Tests
Britannia Operator Britannia Heating Medium System
British Energy Hartlepool Charlie Main
British Energy / EDF Hartlepool Commissioning Testing
Heysham II Commissioning Testing
Britoil Clyde Field
Harding Facilities Tanker Loading Facilities
Brown & Root Marine Fulmar A Seawater System Unsteady Flow Analysis
Brown & Root Vickers Fulmar A Seawater System
Fulmar A Seawater System
Chiyoda – Foster Wheeler Oman LNG Project
Contrina Sincor Downstream Project – Cooling Water
Doris Engineering Hibernia Platform Utility Riser Systems
EDF Energy Hinkley Point Cooling Water System
Hinkley Point B Commissioning Testing
Elf Enterprise Caledonia Piper B Seawater System
Enterprise Oil Nelson Seawater System
Fluor Arabia YanSab Pump NRV’s
Fluor Transworld Services Yanbu Petrochemical Co Cooling Seawater System
Foster Wheeler Shetland Island Terminal – Ballast Water Discharge
Foster Wheeler CEE Valorsul Cooling Water System
Valorsul River Water Intake
Foster Wheeler Energy Shell Stanlow Cooling Water System
Halliburton Canada Terra Nova Development – Heating Medium System
Terra Nova Field Development – Seawater System
Kellogg Brown & Root BP Angola Block 18 Project – Seawater Water Injection
M W Kellogg Nigeria LNG Cooling Water System
Nigeria LNG Project
Oman LNG Project
Qatar Shell GTL Feed Project – Chilled Water
Qatar Shell GTL Feed Project – Cooling Water
Marathon Oil UK East Brae Development – Seawater / Firewater
McDermott Engineering Shell Fulmar Oilfield Platform-Seawater System
McKee Petrochem Engineers Shuaiba Seawater Cooling System
Mobil Exploration Norway Statfjord A LP Gas Heat Exchanger
Statfjord Platform A Drill Shaft Cooling Water
Mustang Engineering LP Valhall Re-Development Project
Newfoundland Offshore Contractors Hibernia Development Project
Petroleum Development Oman Steady State Prog – Oman Crude Evacuation System
Pipex Peregrino SSR Project
Reinertsen Vigor Heidrun Nordflanke Heating Medium System
Saudi Binladin Group – PCM Division Madinat Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah Seawater Distribution
Shell International Trading & Shipping GRP Ballast Water System
Shell UK CT9 Cooling Water Distribution System
Shell UK Exploration & Production Fulmar Seawater System
Kittiwake Seawater System
Nelson Project – Seawater System
Societe Foster Wheeler Zirku Island Cooling Water System
Technip France Qatargas 3 & 4 Fresh Cooling Water System
Qatargas II – Fresh Cooling Water System
Ras Gas Fresh Cooling Water System
Technip France – Abu Dhabi Ras Laffan Seawater System
Technip Geoproduction Zirku Crude Oil Loading & Cooling Water Systems
Terra Nova Alliance Seawater Hydraulic Surge Study
Total Oil Marine St Fergus Hot Water Heat Exchangers
Tyco Engineering Services BP Clair Platform Seawater Lift System
Vipac Engineers & Scientists Nam Con Son Gas Project Seawater / Firewater System
Whitehouse Consulting Fulmar Alpha Seawater System
Wimpey Engineering Cooling Water System – ICI Severnside
Wood Group Engineering Triton FPSO – Cooling
Triton FPSO – Heating
Triton FPSO – Seawater & Water Injection
Woodall-Duckham Butadiene Cooldown System
Woodside Energy North Rankin Redevelopment – Seawater System
North Rankin Redevelopment – Tempered Water System
Yemen LNG Company Yemen Seawater Cooling System