Surge Analysis Of Pump Shutdown On A Potable Water Pipeline With Surge Suppression Installed

The video shows a power failure event tripping all main pumping station pumps with surge suppression in the form of a surge vessel installed at the main pumping station and in-line vessel 1900m downstream of the booster pumping station. After a short delay (7s), the associated booster pumping station is instructed to shutdown and its dedicated bypass valve simultaneously opens using a stroke time of 10s.

It can be seen that by installing surge vessels at these two locations no air valve activity is observed throughout the pipeline as pressures are maintained above atmospheric, hence preventing the possibility of potential contamination of the water supply.

Simulation Summary: Key Transient Events

  • Total power failure at Main PS (@10s)
  • Booster station instructed to shutdown 7s later (@17s)
  • At same time booster PS bypass valve opens (@17s) with stroke of 10s
  • Suppressed system – vessel installed at Main PS and one 1900m d/s of booster PS
  • No air valve activity
  • Simulation runs for 5mins

View the same system without surge suppression