Open Channel Hydraulics – WwTW / STW

Hydraulic profile calculations through the entire treatment process (including Inlet Works / Flume assessment / PSTs / FSTs / Humus Tank / Aeration Lanes / Percolating/Bio Filters / Tertiary Filtration).

Development of hydraulic profiles through the works during normal operations as well as maintenance case assessment, ensuring operational flexibility and making hydraulic design recommendations to ensure safe and optimal performance of the works.

Cost effective design, verification and optimisation of open channel systems.

  • Distribution and overflow weir design.
  • Flow measurement structures.
  • Preliminary process plant verification.
  • Active and passive hydraulic control.
  • Channel design and pipe selection.
  • RAS, SAS and TAS systems.
  • Ancillary process pump selection and hydraulic design.
  • Water / fuel separation systems.
  • Undulating sewage pumping mains with drained sections.
  • System de-bottlenecking.
  • Flow improvement design.
  • Pumping station sump and intake design.
  • Mine concentrate distribution systems.
  • Integration of new process equipment into existing treatment facilities.
  • Water feature and cascade design.
  • Site troubleshooting of existing problems.