Tanker Loading/Unloading Systems Selected Client / Project List

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Client Project
Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company LNG / LPG Loading Systems
LNG / LPG Surge Study Part 2
LNG Loading System
Das Island LNG Loading System
Air BP New Guangzhou Airport Fuel Hydrant System
Airport Fuel Dispenser System
Heathrow Airport Terminal 5
Fuel Tank Suction Study
Refueling System
Aker Kvaerner Adriatic LNG Offloading Revisions
Aker Oil & Gas Technology UK Banff Project Crude Oil Export System
Banff Field Development Stern Offloading
Associated Petroleum Terminals (Immingham) White Oil & LPG Lines
LPG Export System
Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad & Tobago Point Fortin LNG Loading System Trinidad
Point Fortin – Additional Jetty 1 and Jetty 2 Optimisation
Loading System SDL Revisions, Cooldown
Balfour Beatty Engineering Grangemouth Docks Development Oil Products Loading
Bechtel QGPC Naptha Loading System – Halsurge Program
Bechtel International Arun LNG Project
BHP Petroleum Liverpool Bay OSB Loading System
Liverpool Bay OSI Oil Offloading System
Birse Process Engineering Leeman Road Train Refuelling System
BP Engineering Dalmeny to Houndpoint Berth 1 Tanker Loading
BP Exploration Operating Company Shuttle Tanker Operation at Sullom Voe
Brent Crude Loading to Jetty Four System
C4 Export De-Bottlenecking
BP Oil Grangemouth Refinery Dalmeny to Hound Point One Tanker Loading System
BP Grangemouth C5+ Condensate Export System
Grangemouth Docks Import of Products
Chemical Loading Jetties 4 & 5
Pressurised LPG Surge Analysis
BTLT Hydraulic Analysis
BTLT Rail Car Loading System
ATK Road Tanker Loading Scheme
Dalmeny to Hound Point Berths One & Two Loading
Kinneil C5 Oil Export System
Dalmeny to Hound Point Tanker Loading System
Kinneil to Dalmeny Berth System
BP Oil UK Grangemouth Road Tanker Loading System
BP Petroleum Development Buchan Development Loading Line
Buchan Development Project Tanker Loading Scheme
Sullom Voe LPG Loading
BP Shipping Sunbury Rotterdam Barge Loading Incident – Study
BP Trading Firth of Forth Oil Terminal – Tanker Loading
Das Island LNG Tanker Loading
Grangemouth Docks Development
Britoil Harding Facilities Tanker Loading Facilities
Brown & Root / NPC Statfjord Development Project Phase II Platform B
Brunel Energy Exxon Mobil Nigeria Calm Buoy Loading
Calor Gas South Killingholme LPG Tanker Loading System
China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery
CJB (Offshore) Burmah Oil Development – Thistle Field
BNOC Thistle Field Development
Clough Engineering Group Methanex Methanol Ship Loading System
Wesfarmers LPG Import System
Pagerungan Besar Island Condensate Loading Line
Conoco South Killingholme Shiploading Systems
ConocoPhillips Humber Oil Refinery Export Pipelines Upgrade – Butane System
Tetney Crude Import System
Humber Oil Refinery – North & South Tank Farm Import
North & South Tank Farm Appraisals
Costain Engineering Shell Mossmorran Tanker Loading System Analysis
Costain Oil Gas & Process Lindsey Oil Refinery Fuel Oil Loading Line
Daniel Flow Products Inc SETE – Petrola Rabigh Refinery Ship Offloading
Daniel Industries Norsk Hydro A/S Sture Crude Oil Terminal
Petromina – Petrola Rabigh Refinery Bunker Oil
Petromina – Petrola Rabigh Refinery Fuel Oil
Petromina – Petrola Rabigh Refinery Jet Fuel
Petromina – Petrola Rabigh Refinery Gas Oil
Petromina – Petrola Rabigh Refinery Naptha
Daniel Valve Company Texas Petroleum Corporation Loading Line
KNPC Al Shuaiba Ship Loading Systems
Davy McKee Pacific Pty Stony Point Liquids Terminal
DEHAA Port Stanvac Crude Ship Off Loading
Doris Engineering NLNG Six – LPG / LNG Loading & Rundown
Dragon LNG Dragon LNG Unloading System
Engineering & Power Development Consultants Monsanto Seal Sands Ammonia Ship Unloading
Monsanto Seal Sands Propylene Ship Unloading
Esso Chemical Ethylene Loading System – Fawley
Esso Petroleum Company Pressurised Butane Shipping Line
Butane Rail Loading Facilities – Fawley
Marine Terminal Loading Lines
European Vinyls Corp (UK) VCM Ship Loading & Offloading System
Exxon Chemical France Ethylene & Propylene Loading Lines
Exxon Chemical Olefins Braefoot Bay C5+ Loading Line
Farella Braun & Martel Grove 887 Case Studies
Fenix & Scisson International Tanker Discharge / Loading Facility
FMC Technologies Floating Systems Al Ahmadi CALM 20 & 21 Loading Systems
Foster Wheeler Shetland Island Oil Terminal
Shetland Island Terminal – Tanker Loading Stage 2
Tanker Loading Investigation
Foster Wheeler Energy NLNG Seven Plus LNG, LPG & Condensate
Grangemouth Docks Development – Chemical Systems
Grangemouth Docks Development – Oil Systems
OK Kracker AB Butane Loading System
Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd North & South Tank Farm Appraisals
Gasequip BV IBN / Texaco Truck Loading Systems
Granherne & Co Mina Al Fahal Ship Loading Terminal
Grove Italia QGPC Naptha Loading Surge Relief System
Design of Sparge Tube for Naptha Loading
Grove Italia SpA Novorossiysk Project
Gulf Interstate International Yemen Masila Export Terminal Project
Gulf Oil Gas Oil Tanker Loading System
16 & 10 Inch Import Lines
Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co KNPC MAA New Oil Pier Loading Systems
KNPC NOP Berths 5 & 6
INEOS Manufacturing Scotland Grangemouth Docks Premium Exportation System
Inprojex International (UK) Mixed LPG Butanisation Project
Irish Shell Road Tanker Loading System
J P Kenny Sdn Bhd Offshore Loading System – Kuala Lumpur
Ravva Field Tanker Loading
Jacobs Engineering B-Cut Transfer Lines
Jacobs Engineering UK Grangemouth Rail Car Loading System
BP Grangemouth Ship Loading / Offloading System
Kantey & Templer (Pty) JBS MFO & GO Loading Systems
KBR Asia Pacific Pte Arthrit Condensate Export Pipeline
Kellogg Brown & Root BP Angola Block 18 Project – Offloading System
BP Angola Block 18 Tandem Oil Offloading System
KJT – Engenharia, Materiais e Serviços Segas Egypt LNG Project
Kuwait National Petroleum Company North Pier Crude Oil Loading System
Land & Marine Engineering Hazira NGL Export Terminal
Lindsey Oil Refinery Lindsey Oil Refinery / Humber Oil Refinery Loading System
Tanker Loading System
Aviation Fuel Loading Line
Liquid Gas Equipment Propane & Butane Systems South Killingholme
LNG – Serviços e Gestão de Projectos Nigerian LPG Rundown & Loading
NLNG Sevenplus Project
Nigeria LNG Loading System
Nigeria Propane / Butane Loading System
London Bridge Engineering Qatar Petroleum Company Umm Said Terminal
Qatar Petroleum – Umm Said Surge Suppression
M W Kellogg Oman LNG Project
Nigeria LNG Plus Project LNG Rundown & Loading
Malaysian International Shipping Corporation Cargo Discharge From LNG Tanker
LNG Tankers – Pressure Surge in Cargo Piping
Manderstam Associates Umm Said Tank Farm
Mather & Platt LPG Jetty Killingholme
Matthew Hall Engineering Shell Stanlow Residue Loading Line
McDermott Engineering Pte Arun LNG Plant – Condensate Loading System
Mobil-Arun LNG Plant Condensate Loading
McDermott South East Asia Pte Hudbay Lalang Field Oil Export Pipeline
MMC Oil & Gas Engineering Sdn Bhd Camar Field Development Project PL-1 & PL-2
Mobil Exploration Norway Statfjord Platform A System Dynamics
Statfjord A Tanker Loading Investigation
Statfjord C Tanker Loading System
Mobil North Sea Beryl Development Stage Two
Beryl Stages 3 & 4
Beryl SPM Project
Mobil Oil AG Mobil Oil AG Wilhelmshaven Refinery
Mobil Research & Development Corporation Tanker Loading Transient Analysis
Mont-Ross DOO Novorossiysk Tanker Loading System
National Petroleum Construction Company KOC CALM Buoys Project
Nigeria LNG Bonny Island LNG Loading System
Norsk Hydro Oseberg Transport System – Sture Crude Oil Terminal
Norsk Hydro Production Sture Crude Oil Terminal Loading System
Petro Gas Ausrüstungen GmbH Izmur Refinery – Turkish Petroleum
PGS Offshore Technology Banff Field Development
Phillips Petroleum Company Tanker Loading Surge Study
Property Services Agency Invergordon – Diesel Fuel Storage & Loading System
Qatar General Petroleum Corporation Umm Said Terminal Development Increased Loading Works
Qatar Liquefied Gas Company 28 Inch Condensate Loading System
Ras Laffan LNG Storage & Loading Systems
Qatargas Operating Company Qatargas II – SPM Loading System
Ras Laffan LNG Company Ras Laffan LNG Ship Loading System
Repsol Petróleo del CI Tarragona Tarragona Refinery Ship Loading System
Repsol Petroleo SA Tarragona Refinery
Richard Irvin & Sons Schiehallion Transhipment Project
Rockwater South Arne Offshore Loading Facilities
S H Landes (Engineering) Umm Said Terminal Development
Saibos Kizomba FPSO A Offloading / Loading System
Saipem SA AKPO Field Oil Loading System
Saudi Archirodon Company HFO / Crude Oil Unloading System
Shell International Exploration & Production Bonga Ship Loading System
Shell International Petroleum MBV Forcados Tanker Loading System
Shell UK Exploration & Production Anasuria FPSO Crude Oil Offtake System
Shell UK Oil Road Tanker Loading Systems – Buncefield
Single Buoy Moorings N’Kossa FSO Surge Pressure Relief System
Societe Foster Wheeler Zirku Island – Crude Loading System
SOFEC Inc Shell Malampaya Condensate Loading System
OCP Marine Terminal Ship Loading System
Algerian Tanker Loading Systems
Jebel Dhanna SPM-2 Oil Loading System
Spie Batignolles Phosphoric Acid Tanker Loading System
Statoil Gullfaks A Platform Tanker Loading
Gullfaks C Loading System
Statfjord B & C Surge Analysis
Statoil / Maersk FPSO Peregrino FPSO Unloading System – System Redesign
Peregrino FPSO Unloading System – Determine Suitable Offloading Rates
Strath Services Isle of Grain Import System
Swan Hunter Training & Safety Tanker ESD Valve Study
Technip Condensate Loading System, Nigeria LNG Project
Technip – JGC Joint Venture CLP Berth 5 LNG Loading System/td>
Technip France Nigeria LNG Plus Project LNG Loading & Rundown
CLP Berth 4 LNG Loading System
Berth 5 EPC LNG Loading System / QGH CLP
Nigeria LNG Project Loading System
Nigeria LPG Loading System
Nigeria LNG Loading System
Technip Geoproduction Zirku Crude Oil Loading & Cooling Water Systems
Halul Island Crude Loading System
LNG Loading System at Das Island
Ras Laffan 20 Inch Condensate Loading System
Ras Laffan 28 Inch Condensate Loading Line
Ras Laffan 10 Inch Condensate Loading Line
Technip Paris FLNG LNG Loading System
FLNG LPG Loading System
FLNG Condensate Loading System
Texaco North Sea UK Company Captain Field FPSO Crude Offloading System
Texaco Overseas Tankship Texaco Spain Cargo System
Thomson & Van Eck Inc Tanker Discharge / Tanker Loading Surge Investigation
Total UK Milford Haven LPG Tanker Loading System
Trident Engineering Consultants Royal Portbury Dock Jet Fuel Unloading System
Hong Kong Airport Receipt Lines
Venezolana de Proyectos Integrados CA TAEJ New South Island Crude Oil Terminal
Weir LGE Process E050208 Belanak LPG-FSO
West’s Engineering Design Ellesmere Port to Gulf Oil Terminal Tanker Loading
Lindsey Oil Refinery Road Tanker Loading System
Wimpey Engineering & Construction Pembroke Power Station
Woodall-Duckham Butadiene Loading System & Propylene Transfer System
Butadiene Ship Loading System
ICI Teeside Offsites Gasoline Ship Loading
Propylene Ship Loading
Yemen LNG Company Yemen LNG Ship Loading System