Pipeline Systems (Including Refineries & Platforms) Selected Client /Project List

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Client Project
Aker Kvaerner Adriatic LNG Terminal Project
AMEC Lunskoye Field Platform LUN-A Condensate Export
AMEC Engineering Total Dunbar Dynamic Simulation Studies
Dunbar Steady & Dynamic Analysis of 6 Inch Lines
Britannia Subsea Flowlines Heating System
Brent Bravo to Brent Alpha Maximum Capacity
Dunbar Thermal Transient Simulation
AMEC Offshore Services Aniva Bay Oil Export Terminal
AMEC Process & Energy Brent Bravo Bursting Disc Failures
Brent Alpha Oil Import Auto Cross-Over
Kinneil Export 1150 Mbd Plus Study
BP Marine Vapour Recovery Project
Elgin & Shearwater to Forties Unity System
Amoco (UK) Exploration Company Montrose to Forties Oil Export
Andrew Palmer & Associates Andrew Oil Export System
West Brae & Kingfisher
Associated Petroleum Terminals (Immingham) Lindsay Oil Refinery to APT Tank Farm
Fuel Oil & White Oil Transfer Systems
ATMOS International BTC Pipeline Leak Detection System & Simulator
1548 KM Multi-Products Pipeline
Azerbaijan International Operating Company AIOC West Azeri Platform Systems
ACG FFD Project – Phase 1 Oil Pipelines
CA-PDQ to Sangachal Terminal
AIOC – Oil Export Pipelines
Azeri Central Platform Diesel Supply System
Sangachal Terminal Open Drains System
Berwanger Mont Belvieu Brine Water Return System
API Spring Relief Study
Exxon Relief Valve Study
Backwash Screen Failure – Algeria
BHP Petroleum Liverpool Bay Asset
Liverpool Bay FSU to Shuttle Tanker
Liverpool Bay Development
Liverpool Bay OSI Import System
Leak Detection System Study Liverpool Bay OSI
Liverpool Bay Development OSI Import System
Liverpool Bay Asset OSI Import System
BNOC Beatrice B Project, Live Crude Tie-In Line
Boreas Consultants Ninian Crude Export Pipeline Steady State Model
Forties Sealine – Buzzard Tie-In
Buzzard to Forties Sealine
Ettrick to Buzzard to Forties Sealine
Ormen Lange to CATS Tie-In
BP Sullom Voe Decommissioning
Forties Sealine – Isolation at Cruden Bay at Low Flowrates
BP Amoco Norge AS Southern Area Liquid Export Pipeline
BP Angola (Block 18) BV BP Angola Block 18 Greater Plutonio Project – Oil Export
BP Chemicals Acetic Acid Storage Development
BP Chemicals Belgium ETOX Transfer System
ETOX Transfer System – Addendum
BP Engineering Forties Landline Upgrade
Forties Landline Stopple Study
Forties Landline Pipeline Leak Study
Kinneil Disturbance Study
BP Exploration Miller Development Oil Export Line
Forties EFS Scheme
Cruden Bay Pumping Station Start Up
Fortipip7 Audit
Forties Field RPX / LPX Systems
Forties / Brae System Flow Increase to 540 Mbd
FD Pipeline Integrity
BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline Project
BP Exploration Operating Company Kinneil Train 3 Danflo Study
Western Route Export Pipeline (WREP)
Forties System (Impact on Buzzard)
Kittiwake Platform Riser to the Forties System
BP Forties Landline – Kinneil Relief Valves
Sullum Voe Terminal MV Fanny Incident
Forties FCEE-Cruden Bay PCV System
Forties Offshore System (FPS Systems Response)
Cruden Bay Protection Study
Grove Valve Capacity Stabilised Crude to Storage
Colombian Pipeline
BP Kinneil Terminal Train Three
ETAP / CGA Spurline
Audit of the ETAPS Spurline Spreadsheet
Teeside Ethylene Pipeline
Schiehallion Import System Sullom Voe Terminal
UST Pacific Incident
Bruce Oil Export Pipeline
BP Grangemouth Forties Landline Cruden Bay Operation
Forties Unity Validation
BP International Walton Import / Export Pipelines
Forties 20 Inch – Kinneil-Finnart
Sullom Voe Shetland Island Terminal
Kinneil to Dalmeny 30 Inch Crude Oil Pipeline
Wytch Farm to Hamble Pipeline
BP Oil Grangemouth Refinery GAEL Spurline Operability Study
Forties / Brae Pipeline Depressurisation
Forties Charlie / Brae Riser
Forties Pipeline System Technical Safety Review
Forties Landline Relief Valve Isolation
Forties Finnart Project 77
Forties Finnart 77 Project
Forties Finnart 77 Balfron Booster Pump
Kinneil Front End Relief Upgrade
Kinneil Dalmeny Pipeline
Miller Oil Export System
Kinneil Refinery Storage Tanks
Water Discharge to Lagoon System
Dalmeny Pipeline Debottlenecking Project
Kinneil Front End Control System
Kinneil to Finnart 20 Inch Crude Transfer Line
Dalmeny / Hound Point Export Pumps
Forties Pipeline EFS Kinneil Export Facilities
Forties Pipeline EFS Kinneil Reception Terminal
Forties System Expansion Study
Kinneil Terminal Front End
Grangemouth to Ross Chemicals Pipeline System
BP Petroleum Development Cruden Bay Booster Station Pipeline Calcs
North Sea-Magnus Field Development Project
Forties Pipeline Unsteady Flow Investigation
Forties FC Additional Riser II
Extension to Forties Pipeline System
Buchan Export Project Unsteady Flow Study
Forties FC Micro Model
Cruden Bay Tanks
Forties Artificial Lift
Forties Maximum Throughput Study
Forties to Cruden Bay Pipeline Replacement
Forties Cruden Bay Tanks
Forties FC Fiscal Metering
Forties 36 Inch Sealine
Forties Landline Expansion
Forties Under Deck ESD Valves
Forties 30 Inch – Kinneil – Dalmeny
Forties Bravo ESP Topsides Equipment
Forties Landline
BP Trading Firth of Forth Oil Terminal Ballast Discharge
Forties Field System Hydraulics
Maasvlakte Oil Terminal Pipelines to BP Refinery
Ninian Field System Hydraulics
Kinneil-Dalmeny Pipeline
Forties Pipeline (Stage 2)
Ninian Stage 3
Forties Charlie Crossover Pump Scheme
Forties Pipeline Development 500 Mbd Scheme
Kinneil Desalting / Effluent Project
Forties Field Additional Riser
Forties Finnart 77 Project
British Steel Corporation Redcar & South Tees Works – Fuel Oil Supplies
Britoil Clyde Field
Brown & Root Beatrice B Production System
Kinneil Terminal Expansion Project
Kinneil Terminal Debottlenecking Project
Forties Bravo – Oil Export System
Brown & Root AOC Gannet MOL Pump Parallel Operation
Gannet / Fulmar System Additional Dynamic Analysis
Kittiwake Oil Storage System
Forties Unity
Brown & Root Energy Services Forties Unity Surge Analysis
Brown & Root Marine Forties Alpha to Forties Charlie Pipeline
Brown & Root Vickers Piper Field Redevelopment Project Oxy 30
Central Fields Pipeline
Central Fields STL Operabilty Study
Caltex Oil (SA) Pty Saldanha Bay to Milnerton Pipeline
Canadian Nexen Petroleum Yemen Camaal to CPF Dual Pipeline
CEGB Aberthan B Condensate Polishing
Chevron Petroleum (UK) Ninian Field Production Facilities
Steady State Analysis of S11 Flowline, Ninian
Alba Field Development Project
Ninian Southern Platform Dynamic Simulation
CNR International (UK) Murchison Export System Surge Analysis
Conoco Black Oils Export Pump P845 Sparing Project
TCU Relief Line
Theddlethorpe to South Killingholme Pipeline
Conoco (UK) Murchison Platform & Pipeline
Dynamic Simulation Lyell
ConocoPhillips LPG Transfer Lines
Humber Oil Refinery Propane System
Humber Oil Refinery 15 Butane Replacement Line
Costain Engineering Ras Shokir LPG Pipeline
Ras Shokir Crude Pipeline
Costain Process & Engineering Construction Ras Shokir / Assiut Crude Oil Pipeline
Tebbin-Assiut Multiproduct Pipeline
Daniel Valve Company PDO South Oman Pipelnes
Dawson-Brown & Root Wandoo Full Field Development
Degremont Laing Condensate Booster System
Doris Engineering Hibernia Platform Utility Riser Systems
Dunlopillo Hydraulic Supply System
Empresa Nacional del Petróleo Malaga to Puertollano Pipeline
Enron Power Construction Teeside Gas Plant – Plant to Storage Pipeline
Esso Petroleum Company Fawley to Avonmouth Spreadsheet
Fawley to Avonmouth Pipeline
Exxon Chemical Olefins Braefoot Bay Foam Line
ExxonMobil Chemical Fawley Hexane Pumping System
Fluor BP Amoco Caspian Region Alternative Export Options
Foster Wheeler Shetland Island Oil Terminal
Shetland Island Stabilised Crude
Shetland Island Terminal – Effluent Line
Kinneil-Dalmeny Pipeline
Kinneil Terminal Study Forties 500 Mbd
Shetland Island Terminal – First Oil Ashore
Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd Shell Haven Refinery Project
Sullom Voe Terminal Brent Crude Diversion System
Wytch Farm Crude Oil Pipeline
Genesis Engineering Amerada Hess AH-001 Floating Production System
Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants Sullom Voe Surge Protection System
George Wimpey M E & C Nigg Bay Terminal Facilities
Global Engineering Amoco Bacton – Hamilton Facilities
Granherne Snorre Field Development – Oil System
Occidental Piper Alpha Platform
Grove Italia Snamprogetti Project Ball Valve Control
Grove Valve & Regulator Company Dump Tank Research
Scorpion Sizing For Das Island – ADNOC
Grove 887 Capacity Aramco Projects
Gulf Oil Desalter Pressure Mitigation Study
Gulf Oil Refining LCGO Suction Line at Milford Haven
H & G Engineering Forties Expansion Scheme – Kinneil to Dalmeny 30 Inch
Forties Expansion Scheme – Dalmeny to Hound Point
Hound Point to Dalmeny 48 Inch Deballasting Pipeline
Holman, Fenwick & Willan Oryx C/P
ICI Review of Stability of Lube / Seal Oil Console
Project H1360 C4 Raffinate Line
IMS Engineering Eastern Siberia to Pacific Ocean (ESPO) Pipeline
Jacobs Engineering B-Cut Transfer Lines
PLPG Safety Rationalisation BP Oil Grangemouth
John Brown Engineers & Constructors Forties Riser Platform ESD Valve Study
British Gas Armada Pipeline Project
Kerr-McGee Oil (UK) Janice Oil Export
Kinetica Theddlethorpe to Killingholme Pipeline – Leak Detection
Theddlethorpe to Killingholme Pipeline – Operation Study
Lankro Chemicals Pressure Rise In Chemical Feed Systems
LNG – Serviços e Gestão de Projectos Nigeria LNG Plus Project Heat Transfer Systems
MAN GHH Oil & Gas GmbH Sirte Oil Company Trunk Condensate Pipeline
Marathon Oil UK Heimdal / Brae Alpha Low Pressure Import
Matthew Hall Engineering Kuwait Oil Company Crude Oil Pumping Facility
Cormorant A Platform Main Export Pumps
Cormorant A Main Export Pumping System
Morecambe Bay Gas Field Development Project – Slug Catcher Design
Product Handling Tranmere
Brent Field Pipeline System
Cormorant Valve Closing Times
McDermott Marine Construction Elgin Condensate System
McDermott South East Asia Pte ACT HZ 26-1 Oil Export Line
Mobil North Sea Sage Terminal Expansion Train
Beryl Development Project A
Beryl Development Project Crude Transfer System
Sage Onshore Plant Phase B
Mobil Sage B Facility Glycol System
Sage Amine System at St Fergus
Britannia Facilities (at Sage Terminal) Dynamic Simulation
Sage NGL Export Facilities
Mobil Oil Company Mobil Acid Evacuation Project Coryton Refinery
Mowlem Engineering Peel B Power Station Fuel Oil System
Mustang Engineering LP Valhall Re-Development Project
Newfoundland Offshore Contractors Hibernia Development Project
Oil India Sekoni to Noonmati Pipeline Operability Study
Parsons Brinckerhoff (Asia) Chek Lap Kok Airport Aviation Fuel Hydrant System
Pencol Engineering Consultants Mombasa / Nairobi Products Pipeline
Doha Distillate Pumping
Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Company
Esso Midline Products Pipeline
Esso South East Pipeline Expansion
Aircraft Refuelling Hydrant System
Theddlethorpe to Killingholme Pipeline ESD Valve
Performance Improvements North Everest / CATS Booster Pumps
Petroleum Development Oman Crude Evacuation System – Hotsty Update
PGS Atlantic Power Banff Field Oil Export System
PGS Offshore Technology Banff Field Development
Phillips Petroleum Company Statpipe Gas Pipeline System – Ekofisk
Greatham Crude Storage Tanks
PII BP Amoco Block Valve Spacing Study
Pipex Leman AD Platform Potable Water Phase 2
Powertec SA Pemex Cactus to Guadalajara LPG Pipeline
PSA Projects New Bulk Fuel Installations
Qatar Petroleum Producing Authority Main Oil Lines Qatar Surge Investigation
Ralph M Parsons Company Thames Development Project – Phillips Arpet Bacton Plant
Mobil North Sea Ltd – BGP Onshore Plant
NGL Export Pipeline – Mobil BGP Onshore Plant
Mobil St Fergus NGL Export to Cruden Bay
REL Instrumentation Limited BTC Pipeline Leak Detection System
Richard Irvin & Sons Schiehallion Transhipment Project
SAMAREC Riyadh Refinery LPG Transfer Pipeline
Seraya Chemicals Seraya 2 Pipeline Surge Study
SETE Consultants & Services New Jeddah Airport Kerosene System
Shell International Petroleum MBV Oman Crude Pipeline System
Shell Philippines Exploration Shell Malampaya – Condensate Pumps
Shell UK Gannet E Flowline
Emergency Shutdown Valves
Shell UK Exploration & Production Brent Field Surge Analysis
Brent Offshore Stage 2
Fulmar Platform A FSU
Cormorant A Topside Facilities
Brent Delta
Fulmar Platform A FSU Surge Analysis
Auk Id Oil Export System
Eider Field Development
Fulmar Temporary FSU Surge Analysis
Brent Alpha & Bravo to Spar
Fulmar FSU Surge Analysis
Oil Export From Brent A, C & D to Spar
Nelson Project Oil Export
Fulmar Alpha Oil Export System
Fulmar Export Pipeline – CNS Oil Evacuation
CNS Oil Evacuation Project Export Pipeline
Gannet / Fulmar Third Party Entrant
Gannet / Fulmar System
Auk Based Dynamic Simulations
Fulmar Studies
Shearwater Oil Export
Simon-Carves Tioxide Malaysia Dynamic Analysis
Snamprogetti SPA SBS Project
Societe Foster Wheeler Zirku Project – MOL Reception
Zirku Island – Process to Storage System
Statoil Gas Transport Sleipner-Karsto Condensate Pipeline
Stone & Webster Engineering El Borma Stage 2
Stroytransgaz OZ-2 34 Inch Crude Oil Pipeline
Technip Shah Gas Spiking Project
Total ABK to Das Island Export Pipeline
Technip France CO2 Removal System
Oman / India Fertilizer Project Ammonia Loading Line
Technip Geoproduction Replacement of 30 Inch MOL – Zakum to Das Island
Texaco North Sea UK Company CATS to Forties Sealine Transient Analysis
Everest Condensate Pumps Dynamic Simulation
The Associated Octel Co Still Vent System Transient Analysis
The Government Pipeline & Storage System Kerosene Supply Pipeline
Total Oil Marine Alwyn North to Ninian Pipeline Rupture
Bruce Oil Export Pipeline
Bruce Area Development
Dynamic Simulation of North Alwyn Pipe Loads
Total UK Ltd Milford Haven – Main Line Pipeline Study
Trident House Consultants Shell UK Oil Plymouth Terminal Redevelopment
Turgis Technology (Pty) Control Valve Test Station
Wimpey M E & C Nigg Oil Terminal Facilities
Wood Group Engineering Montrose Import to Forties FC
Triton FPSO – Seawater Crude Oil Transfer Systems
CATS System & Everest Condensate Pumps
Wood Group Engineering (North Sea) North Alwyn B Platform Additional Gas Blowby
Alwyn Bay
Woodall-Duckham Buta III to F 467
Buta III to NF 40 A/B
Olefines 6 to NF 40 A/B
Naptha Transfer Scheme
C5 Transfer to North Tees Storage – ICI
C7 Transfer to North Tees Storage – ICI
C6 Transfer to North Tees Storage – ICI
Line M119 – Olefines 5 to NF1
Woodside Energy Ltd (Australia) Pluto LNG – MEG Delivery System (Commissioning Simulations)
Woodside Petroleum Wanaea & Cossack Supplementary Dynamic Simulation
Wanaea & Cossack Projects