Heat Exchanger Tube Ruptures Selected Client / Project List

If you would like to receive a copy of our complete Heat Exchanger Tube Ruptures project list or the full Water Industry or Oil & Gas Industry client list to show HAL’s capabilities in this field, then¬†please contact us¬†and we will email you a copy.

Client Project
Berwanger Qatar Gas Tube Rupture
Celerity3 Engineering Inc Heat Reclaimer Tube Rupture
Foster Wheeler (Malaysia) Tube Ruptures at Melaka Refinery
Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd Tube Rupture Study – Pluto LNG Project
Invista Maitland Site Compressors
M W Kellogg Nigeria LNG Plus Project HTF System
Qatar Shell GTL Feed Project – Chilled Water
Qatar Shell GTL Feed Project – Cooling Water
Maersk Oil GP3 Issues
Malaysian Refinining Company Sdn Bhd Tube Ruptures at Melaka Refinery
Mobil Exploration Norway Statfjord A LP Gas Heat Exchanger
Stone & Webster Engineering Grangemouth Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture Study
Simulation of Tube Rupture
Simulation of Tube Rupture in 36-E-46
Technip France Tube Rupture of the Stripper Feed Preheater
Total Oil Marine Alwyn North to Ninian Pipeline Rupture
St Fergus Hot Water Heat Exchangers