Surge Analysis & Flow Assurance Experts

Hydraulic Analysis Group Limited is the acknowledged worldwide leading engineering consultancy for undertaking single phase flow assurance and surge analysis studies. As an independent consultancy, we are able to offer our clients unbiased advice on all aspects of the hydraulic design and equipment selection.

With 40 years experience and over 8,000 studies completed, we are trusted by the world’s major water, oil, gas, nuclear and petrochemical companies to conduct detailed dynamic flow studies. Using simulators, developed within the group, we undertake design work at FEED and EPC stages and we also investigate operating problems and proposed changes in operating philosophy on existing systems to verify pipeline and control system design.

The main advantages of our software when compared to other commercially available products is the use of a continually varying pipeline wavespeed together with the ability to model pumping stations / valve stations with a smaller distance increment when compared to the main pipeline.

When combined with our ability to model any type of control system (multiple PID controllers on valves / pumps, timers, HIPPS settings or override sensors) and accurate temperature variations along the system, this results in truly accurate modelling of pipeline systems.

We have an extensive portfolio of validation cases to demonstrate the proven accuracy of our software, including many realtime liquid and gas systems. Our software typically shows just a 1% or 2% difference between recorded values on site.

Hydraulic Analysis Limited are exhibiting and speaking at the Future Water Networks event in December on Real Time Networks and our Pipeline Condition Monitor.