Environmental Policy

Hydraulic Analysis Group Limited is committed to providing specialist consultancy services for the analysis & design development of fluid flow systems in an environmentally responsible manner.

The company will fulfil its environmental commitment by:

• Assessing the environmental risks and operating the business in a way that ensures prevention of pollution through the application of viable best environmental practices

• Ensuring compliance with applicable environmental legislation

• Collaborating with 3rd parties for sustainable sourcing of materials, products and services for improving end-to-end environmental performance

• Continually improving products, services and processes and ways of doing business which reduce levels of environmental impact through sustainable initiatives, such as energy, water, waste and gaseous emissions reduction (particularly greenhouse gases)

• Re-use or re-cycling of waste materials whenever possible, prior to disposal.

• Provide adequate resources for the achievement of the policy objectives.

All members of the company are required to work within the framework of this policy, are responsible for carrying out business related activities, services and processes in accordance with the requirements of this policy and of the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2015. EMS objectives are selected through business risk assessments and progress reviewed through the management review process.

This policy is made available to the organisation via internal office display, internal circulation and to other interested parties via the company website.

This environmental policy is approved by the undersigned representative of top management, and is the authoritative document relating to environmental management within the Company.

Andrew Keech
Managing Director
Version 1