Maoming South West Product Pipeline Dynamic Study of a Gasoline and Diesel Pipeline

Study Scope

maoming-image2The SWPP is the world’s second longest products pipeline and runs through some of the most hydraulically challenging terrain. The pipeline is used for the transportation and distribution of gasoline and diesel oil. The system includes 19 pump stations and several distribution stations. A simulator of the entire pipeline and control system was built and various start-up and shutdown scenarios were modelled. Surge relief valves were calibrated and sized with particular focus paid to the effects of any slack running pipe sections following the loss of a pump station. The system was designed to withstand the loss of up to 3 pump stations at any time. HAL provided operator training in Beijing.



System Maoming SWPP
Location Southern China
Scope Dynamic Design Study
Client Sinopec
Installation Date 2003
Length 1740km
Fluid Gasoline / Diesel